Silvester: Breakfest meets 80000000 X Orbital reflector X Ghosttown sound

Dec 31 Saturday 00.00 Club, Live

breakfest meets… 

For the first new year’s eve after covid a special takeover is coming up in the milla. 

Four Munich sound-related collectives have joined forces to create a multifunctional experience. 


is a non-authoritarian and autodidactic event series, which wants to bring various kinds of drum rhythms to the forefront and create an unimagined energy that will remain unforgettable for several days. 

Represented by Shannon, David Weinthäter & lu.wicked 


frames a multi-genre collective, label and platform that emerged over the past decade from munichs non-commercial underground. By setting up dances for the community, Ghosttown Sound began to create a space between 2step’s swing, dubstep’s edge and jungle’s drums, all underpinned by the rude spirit of grime. 

Represented by Kelburrt & Sangeet 


is a small branch of the great and unique community Radio Radio 80000. It offer a unique selection of timeless and contemporary music, with quality since many years. 

Represented by Servicekit & DJ Peebee. 

Orbital Reflector 

is a non-commercial event series from munich, which takes place in the import export. In the early years the curation brought a lot of great selected slow dance, techno and idm to munich. In the meantime, the collective can look back on a large number of past events, raves and mix series. 

Since this year the organizers created a new kind of listening sessions with the mediation of experimental sound: Forum 

Listen to a fast moving closing. 

Represented by Kiawash & Anja Lekavski 


Doors 22:00 Tickets: 10€
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