Elis Noa

Nov 26 Sunday 19.00 Allgemein

Two years after their debut album „What Do You Desire?“ the Viennese
Electronic Soul Duo ELISNOA is releasing their
second LP „I Was Just About To Leave“ in May 2022, another concept album,
this time about the act of letting go.
Once again, the two musicians allow the listener deep into their inner state of
mind, inviting them to find connections to their own stories and feelings.
Knowing that the process of letting go isn’t an easy- quick and linear mission,
the duo makes time to musically explore every step of the process, wandering
through the journey of healing with every song, describing moments of
resistance and pain all the way to acceptance and ease.



Einlass 19:00 // Beginn 20:00

VVK 22 € zzgl. Geb.

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