KRAUTHAMMER XI – Marcel Gidote’s Holy Crab & musicians from Karaba and Embryo

Dec 22 Thursday 00.00 Club, Live

KRAUTHAMMER XI w/ Marcel Gidote’s Holy Crab & musicians from Karaba and Embryo

Jingle Jam Edition:

Live Music / Analog Lightshow / Psychedelic DJ


der Krauthammer wird wieder geschwungen! Diesmal mit:

Marcel Gidote’s Holy Crab (MGHC)

Czech psychedelic band established in 2019 mixing 60’s and 70’s influences of rock and jazz with modern sound. Current  five members are Jan Bukovjan on vocals, tenor sax., flute, clarinet and acoustic guitar, Ondřej Vávra on vocals and guitar, Viktor Eberle on vocals, keyboard and synths, Marek Sobota on bass and Matěj Šolc on drums. MGHC released their debut EP called Bay Of Roots under the independent czech label Polí5 in 2020. In 2021 they self-produced their first full-length album Humidity Breaking Limits where they moved foward to a more sophisticated but also heavier musical expression.

Shortly MGHC have established themselves in two years as one of the most progressive czech psychedelic bands, played several extraordinary concerts for example one with legendary japanese psychedelic band Acid Mother’s Temple. The band had reached several magazines and radios. Thanks to their mix of genres MGHC’s fanbase is still growing next to czech bands like Madhouse Express, Kill the Dandies or Purplefox Town.


LP Humidity Breaking Limits:

Live session:







Munich Jingle Jam (with musicians from Karaba and Embryo)


During this Christmas Jingle Krautrock jam session, various musicians from the Munich music and psychedelic scene will come together and perform a unique session. This time there are musicians of Munichs local bands Embryo and Karaba.

Genre: Psychedelic 


22.12.2022 // Einlass: 19:00 Uhr // Beginn: 20:00 Uhr

VVK: 12 € zzgl. Geb. // AK: 15 €

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