plainhead / Hallway

Jun 09 Friday 20.00 Club, Live



Genre: indie rock, shoegaze, slowcore

The goal is to become the loudest band in town!“ Well that is not (entirely) true. The songs aren ́t even that loud but they definitely resonate with your inner windows, shaking them up until they break apart. And they have already given up the teenage dream to become the Sunn O))) of Bavaria. Songwriting is and will forever be the main focus within their bedroom walls. Chris writes songs and plays them together with his best friends Jan, Lorenz, Kai & Don on stage – infectious fun but also with a crushing sadness in between the noises. Kind of like a mixture of the humorous songwriting of Alex G and the warmth crushing noise of bands like My Bloody Valentine and/or Duster. There is a reason why we all enjoy music and that ́s just one of many reasons to come out on this night.


Genre: indie rock, folk rock

Heavily inspired by post-elliot-smith bands and songwriters, Hallway will be showcasing some of the best songwriting coming out of this town. Millenials will love it because Hallway loves Funeral by Arcade Fire. Gen Z will love it too because … you know … because of Phoebe Bridgers, Alex G, Will Toledo, Adrianne Lenker and tons of other generational great songwriters. Still the band manages to cut through with her unique style, a mix of 00s &20s indie-rock, neo folk and a tiny bit of EMO.

***präsentiert von new basement



Einlass 20:00 // Beginn 21:00 

VVK 10 € zzgl. Gebühren // AK 12 € // ermäßigte AK 10 €

Ermäßigung gilt für: Studierende, Auszubildende, Schwerbehinderte (die eingetragene Begleitperson hat freien Eintritt), Rentner:innen, Helfer:innen des Freiwilligen Sozialen Jahres sowie Teilnehmer:innen des Freiwilligen Ökologischen Jahres