POLY POLY / die_ley

Oct 27 Friday 19.00 Allgemein

POLY POLY are earth based producers, multi-instrumentalists and songwriters Jona Raischl and Hans Heusterberg. They forge their very own version of modern soul, jazz, funk and beat music. Equipped with vintage synthesizers, forward and backward thinking production techniques and a unique sonic identity, they are searching galaxies far and wide for superb grooves, unconventional arrangements and the perfect balance between thoughtfulness and funny shit.

The high price tag that comes with living in Monaco di Bavaria hindered their freedom in making music their only occupation. In 2022, they followed their dream and built their own studio in Leipzig, not only to further pursue and sharpen their sonic vision, but also to create a space for cooperation and community. This resulted in regular collaborations with up and coming drummer Benedikt Weiß, Milliarden´s guitarist Jakob Betke, Hamburg based pop/soul singer Binta, jazz saxophonist Roman Fritsch, Leipzig´s acclaimed newcomer Alehlokapi or progressive hip hop artist Grasime, just to name a few.



Einlass 19:00 // Beginn 20:00

VVK 13 € zzgl. Geb. // AK 17 € // ermäßigte AK 13 €

Ermäßigung gilt für: Studierende, Auszubildende, Schwerbehinderte (die eingetragene Begleitperson hat freien Eintritt), Rentner:innen, Helfer:innen des Freiwilligen Sozialen Jahres sowie Teilnehmer:innen des Freiwilligen Ökologischen Jahres